sMaLL Group Leaders Training

Duration: 6 consecutive Saturdays, 10.00AM - 11.30AM


HOMES is one of the key strategies of Acts Church to fulfill its vision of sharing the gospel, building warmth, touching lives and raising disciples/leaders to fulfill the great commission of Christ. This comprehensive teaching series targeted specifically for leaders will cover the vision, values, the heart and the art to help guide every leader to be ready to support, lead and plant a HOMES.


Classes and Lessons Overview


  1. The Strategy of sMaLL Groups
  2. The Soul of sMaLL Groups
  3. The Supernatural of sMaLL groups
  4. The Strength of sMaLL Groups
  5. The Succession of sMaLL Groups
  6. The Support of sMaLL groups


Graduation Requirement

Full Attendance & Complete Submission of class works