Foundations of Christian Doctrine

Duration: 3 sessions (90 minutes each) or 6 sessions (45 minutes each)


This class aims to explore and provide an introductory overview of key Christian doctrines. Students will learn how the knowledge of God in regards to His nature, attributes and character, the origins and canonicity of the Scriptures, and also the person and also the works of Jesus Christ in God’s redemptive plan for humanity.


Course outline:

  • Doctrine of Revelation
  • Doctrine of The Word of God
  • Doctrine of God and The Holy Trinity
  • Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Doctrine of Man and Sin
  • Doctrine of God the Son
  • Doctrine on the Works of Christ


Who should attend? This course is strongly recommended for students who have gone through the New Believers Class, Growing in Christ and in Discipleship and Book of Acts.


Course graduation requirement? To successfully graduate this course, you will need to complete a minimum of 6 out of 7 classes. In cases where you are short of the requirement, you can opt to attend replacement classes in another semester to graduate.


Class Availability 

This class is not available in Semester 2 2019.