Duration: 3 sessions per module (90 minutes per session) - Total of 3 modules for the entire course


ACTS CHAPLAINCY CLASS is about training and equipping Acts’ Partners to understand the biblical concept of Chaplaincy and use the practice of Chaplaincy in time of need and crisis. This is able to bring about a holistic healing to emotions, body, mind and spirit. All these are done with respect and dignity; genuine love and care.


Participants will be taught how to use emotional and spiritual counselling, good listening skills, question techniques and spiritual tools to help the recipients. The goal is to relieve suffering and improve quality of life. Towards this end to allow the persons who are suffering to find meaning in life and good coping mechanism with their problems.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Chaplaincy
  • Biblical Foundation of Chaplaincy
  • Lesson 1- Caught up with the Mission of God
  • Lesson 2- As Christ in the World
  • Lesson 3- The Spirit of Chaplaincy
  • Lesson 4- The Cloak of Chaplaincy
  • Lesson 5- What Do Chaplains do? Bring it all together.
  • Lesson 6- Chaplaincy in Today’s World.
  • Lesson 7- Biblical View of Man and Health Definition
  • Lesson 8- Where Does Sickness comes from?
  • Lesson 9- What is Emotions?
  • Lesson 10- Emotions of Jesus
  • Lesson 11- Identifying Feelings and Responses
  • Lesson 12- Ten Habits of Emotional Intelligent People
  • Lesson 13- Spiritual Issues, the Art of Spiritual Conversation
  • Lesson 14- Basic Listening Skill
  • Lesson 15- Active Listening Skill, Dos and Don’ts in Listening.
  • Lesson 16- The Question Techniques
  • Lesson 17- The Questions that Jesus asked.
  • Lesson 18- Effective Visitation
  • Lesson 19- Dos and Don’ts during Visitation
  • Lesson 20- How to Share Gospel to the sick
  • Lesson 21- Bereavement Care
  • Lesson 22- Wheel Chair Handling
  • Lesson 23- Confidentiality & Records


Who should attend? For those who would like know more or are interested to pursue a serious path in chaplaincy.


Course graduation requirement? To successfully graduate this course, you will need to complete all the classes. In cases where you are short of the requirement, you can opt to attend replacement classes in another semester to graduate.

Also to proceed forward to Module 2 and Module 3, students must have completed the preceding modules, either Module 1 or Module 2.


Class Availability 

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