Introduction to Acts Pioneers Preparation School



What is API & ALI
API (Acts Pioneer Institute) is the training arm of Acts Church that aims teach and train our church partners on the core beliefs of the Christian Faith. The courses are arranged systematically to guide both new and seasoned believers, and include topics such as the gospel, doctrine of salvation, the Trinity, the teachings of Jesus and victorious Christian Living.


ALI (Acts Leadership Institute) is the training arm of Acts Church dedicated to and responsible for the education, equipping and empowering of her leaders for the fulfilment of the Great Commission of Christ. In partnership with Mordecai Coaching & Leadership Solutions, ALI aims to equip every Partner to become active Pioneers who will take on new levels and new grounds for the Lord. The courses are designed around various leadership themes using currently available resources such as “10 Commitments of a Leader Committed to Growth” and “Now Every Believer Can”. ALI also offers sMaLL Group Leaders training to fuel the “Movement of A Million Small Groups”. Our faculty is made up mostly, if not entirely, by key leaders and faithful practitioners in the church with at least 10 to 30 years experience in various leadership roles and responsibilities. ALI will continuously develop practical curriculum and powerful content to meet the growing needs for leaders and leadership in and through Acts in accordance with her vision.


What is the requirement for this class? To successfully graduate this course, you will need to complete all classes. In cases where you are short of the requirement, you can opt to attend replacement classes in another semester to graduate.