Basic Sign Language – Intermediate Level

Duration: 7 sessions (120 minutes each)


The Basic Sign Language class intends to help participants gain an understanding of Deaf culture and to learn to communicate with members of the Deaf community using Malaysian Sign Language (BIM). The class will be conducted by Deaf instructors, and will introduce BIM through examples, activities and group interactions.


Course outline

  • Visual Gesture Communication
  • Vocabulary Learning
  • Finger spelling
  • Grammar, Dialogue & Comprehension Practice
  • Deaf Culture Activities


Who is this for?

  • For those seeking for self-improvement and general interest.
  • For those seeking to understand more and bond with the Deaf Community.  


What is the requirement for this class? 

Participants must have completed the Basic Sign Language – Beginner Level

To successfully graduate this course, you will need to complete a minimum 6/7 classes respectively. In cases where you are short of the requirement, you can opt to attend replacement classes in another semester to graduate.


Class Availability 

Please click here for the latest schedule and availability