10 Commitments of a Leader

Duration: 6 consecutive Wednesdays, 8.00PM - 9.15PM


Ten Commitments of a Leader will help anyone to learn Biblical principles on developing the heart and stance of a leader whether be it in the marketplace, ministry or family life. Each student will need to purchase a copy of the “Ten Commitments of a Leader” book and the facilitators will go through the chapters in the book through discussions and sharing.


Course outline:


  1. Following Christ, Imitating Paul & Entrusting Timothy, Faithful Men and Others

  2. Embracing the Four Qualities of a Leader & Developing the Five ‘It’s

  3. Cultivating the Six ‘I”s & Practicing the Seven ‘A’s

  4. Adopting the Eight Beatitudes (Be-attitudes)

  5. Displaying the Nine Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit

  6. Keeping the Ten Commandments


What is the requirement for this class? Full Attendance & Complete Submission of class works