New Believers Class

Duration: 7 sessions over 7 weeks (45 minutes per session)


Term 3 (Mandarin & English) – 23rd September to 4th November 2018



In this course, you will discover and learn about the foundational truths and beliefs of the Christian faith. It is ideal for those who have just committed their lives to Jesus and want to kickstart their walk with Him immediately. You will be guided through a systematic outline of key topics and scriptures, and receive the opportunity to ask and discuss questions in a classroom setting with others as well.


Course outline:

  • Jesus and the Assurance of Salvation
  • An Introduction to the Holy Spirit
  • The Significance of Water Baptism and Holy Spirit Baptism
  • Tithes and Offering
  • Praise and Worship
  • HOMES (Small Groups)
  • Renunciation of Sins


Who is this for? For those who are new to the Christian faith and for those who would like to get back to the basics.


What is the requirement for this class? To successfully graduate this course, you will need to complete a minimum 5 out of 6 classes. In cases where you are short of the requirement, you can opt to attend replacement classes in another semester to graduate.