At the beginning of the 2020 lockdown, I was watching the news closely while I locked myself in my room. I slowly found myself only thinking about the worst of the situations. Fear took over instead of faith. I was reluctant to leave my house at that point. I had even turned down all invitations to church and hangouts. I continued to feed the fire of fear as I stayed at home, watching the news.

However, at one point, I realised I could not remain like this. Interacting with people with the same vision and faith and hearing the message on moving forward, I learned that to move forward, also means to confront my fears. It means I must confront the uncertainty of my future in God’s hands.

One of the key changes I had committed to lead myself out of fear was to feed myself with things of God. The more I read, the more I could reflect and had better awareness of myself from God’s perspective. I also intentionally sought out people who could carry meaningful conversations to help build up my perspectives.

This year, my Homes Leaders were surprised that I was the first to say yes to coming to church to serve in Acts Sound. I believe God is leading me into a season of bold faith – a season of being okay while not knowing what’s next.




今年,我的 Homes 领袖们也感到惊讶,因为我是那第一个答应来教会服事 Acts 音响的人。我相信神正引导我进入一个活出刚强信心的季节 – 尽管不知知道接下来会发生什么事情,但仍然能活得很好的季节。

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