In 2012, a friend invited me to Acts Mandarin service. I could still remember the speaker from that day although I can’t remember the message. The memory of the speaker made a lasting impression because of the way she preached – it filled my heart with peace and calmness.


On my second visit to Acts, I felt God’s warm presence hovering over me. When the Holy Spirit touched me, I gave my life to Jesus.


Before knowing Christ, I was a gangster. I wasted my life away in night clubs. Whenever I was caught in financial difficulties, I would involve myself with wrong activities. Due to this, I often felt unstable and insecure. Therefore, I consulted different idols for protection. Despite praying to different “gods”, I still did not have peace in my heart, not until I had Christ in my life. Although I was beginning to feel more peaceful after accepting Jesus in my life, due to my lack of faith and stubbornness, I soon swayed away from God when I was burdened and stressed from my debt.


During that season, I was full of complaints and I blamed God for my situations. However, God is merciful. He did not forsake nor leave me. Brothers and sisters in Acts never stopped encouraging me. They would often pray for me. Because of them, I slowly walked out from darkness. I remember a brother once prayed for me and said that for me to experience breakthrough in life, I need to learn to wait upon the Lord.

Today, by the grace of God, I have not only regain stability in my finances, I have also experienced a double portion of God’s blessing in my life because God also blessed me with a beautiful family. Initially my wife disliked Christians until one day, she too was touched by the Holy Spirit and accepted Christ as her Lord and Saviour. Praise the Lord! All glory to God.

(Jess Lum)

I come from a broken family. My parents were separated since I was young. Due to my dad’s heavy workload, I was placed under the care of my uncle and aunt. My uncle, who was already a believer, would often read Bible stories to me before bedtime. I was still young and I always thought that the stories written in the Bible were merely stories. Later in my life, I experienced the pain of losing loved ones, of betrayal in relationship and of various heart-breaking and dark moments. These hurts and pains caused me to want to give up and led me to depression.


I became someone who strongly dislike Christians and had prejudices against them. I had the impression that Christians often carry a threat that if you do not accept Christ, you will go to hell. That impression infuriated me because I wondered what authority these Christians have to say such a thing!


However, after my husband brought me to Acts, all my prejudices about Christians were proven wrong and I began to change my views about them. In Acts, the brothers and sisters in Christ would often make me feel at home. Therefore, all these encounters slowly allowed me to open up my heart to know more about Jesus. During this period, my husband and different ones in church would often pray for me and encourage me.


I remember an encounter. It was during prayer time at Sunday service when I tried praying for my husband’s financial difficulties. I heard three words clearly from the Holy Spirit, “Believe in Him”. I was shocked to hear the voice. It was my first encounter with the Holy Spirit.

This encounter strengthened my faith in Christ and led me to give my life to Jesus. After accepting Jesus, God mended my broken heart and blessed my family. Today, my life is filled with joy! I have a loving husband and an adorable daughter — these are the best gifts God has given me!

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