Christine Lim

“If I can take 30 minutes from my house to a shopping mall in the city, I can take the same amount of time and distance to visit a village. This outreach is just in my neighbourhood.”

“如果我能够花 30 分钟的时间从我家开车到城里的广场,那我就能够花同样的时间的路程去探访一个乡村。更何况这个外展活动的地点就在我家附近。”


Christine Lim started volunteering since the pioneering of the Carey Island Community Outreach programme in 2015. She was initially a helper by instructions, she then grew versatile to help out in various roles and needs of the programme, becoming one of the core coordinators that enters into the community every fortnight to teach children English.

Christine Lim 从 2015 年就开始参与加厘岛社区外展活动的先锋工作。一开始,她只是一位需要被指示的志工,现在她已经熟练到能够配合活动里的各个岗位和需要去帮忙,她也成为了这活动的主要核心策划人,每隔两个星期就回到当地去教导儿童学习英语。


What got Christine transitioned from a helper by invitation to a helper of personal conviction was when she realised the children are progressing from the lesson plans. With that, she was afraid that if she do not support and help anymore, the initiative could one day then disappeared.

当 Christine 发现这群儿童从自己的教学里逐渐进步时,她就从一个受邀来当志工的人化身为满怀热忱的助推手。也正因为这样,她也担心如果自己停止支持和帮助,这个活动将有一天会消失。


She emphasised on the importance of continuity, “We do not just stop at blessing them with food supplies, but things that are non-perishable like education. We choose not to just provide food for one month, we want to feed them for longer years. This is the reason why we go in on a Saturday and be in their environment and to show them that even in this condition, you can learn for your own future.”



She also shared that one of the challenge to volunteering is that at first it could be a “let us go in and help”, but when the volunteering slowly demands a routine, it is hard to have it placed as a permanent schedule.


“I realised if while I could still make time on a Saturday, then I should continue taking it up, as long as I can.”
她也分享身为志工的其中一个挑战,就是一个人或许一开始是抱着 “让我们进去帮忙” 的态度,可是当他被要求委身于一个长期性的时间表的时候,他就发现自己很把它融入自己的固定时间表里。




Timothy Kwan

“The knowledge that there is this bond with the community really keeps me going. It is a two way thing, I get blessed by the love that they show to me. These kids are really loveable kids. Even though they have a lot of challenges, they are still loving and warm.”



Timothy is a volunteer teacher in Agape Missions School for the past 2 years. He started from being an observer and now, he spends his Saturdays teaching major lessons in this refugee school along with a passionate team.

Timothy 在过去两年里担任了 Agape Missions School (Agape 宣教学校) 的志工教师。他从一个观察者的身份演变成这所难民学校里的主要教科的老师。


Just as the students learned from him, he is also drawn to what they are teaching him as they communicate their personal history and ask questions that are usually foreign from the voice of a child.



“What struck me at most is the way they talk about tragedies. There is this context that we do not know about, that we are oblivious to all of their troubles.”  



Timothy and many of the Agape Missions School volunteers’ desire is to equip and ready the children with whatever challenges they are facing, whether it is to go back to their home country or wherever they will be.

Timothy 和 Agape 宣教学校里众多志工的愿望就是要装备好这群孩子,让他们有能力去面对未来的挑战,无论他们是要回归国土或移居到异乡。




“I have always known that there is something important about children. Once, I heard these children asked their parents, ‘How come they can go to school but I cannot.’ Even gifted children among them cannot go to school. There is something more that we must give.”
“我一直以来都觉得儿童们是非常重要的。有一次,我听见这些孩子们问自己的父母,‘为什么他们可以上学,而我就不行呢?’ 尽管是他们当中很有才华的孩子也不能就学。肯定的是,我们一定有可以帮忙的地方。”

Nicoleen had herself involved in the supporting of the Somali Refugee Community for five years since she first volunteered for a Christmas project. She and her team teaches children, teens and adults Art, Mathematics and English.
Nicoleen 从五年前的一次圣诞节活动开始了自己在索马里难民社群的志工路程。她和团队教导这些儿童,少男少女和成人学习艺术,数学和英语。

She believes in bringing school (even simple subjects and lesson plans) to these children as many of them knew knowledge that are in the elementary level, “In a normal school, you would roughly know the level of knowledge of a kid from their age, but you cannot be sure of the level of these kids. A twelve-year-old kid here might only know as much as a common seven-year-old kid.”
她坚信必须要把学校 (尽管是简单的科目和教学) 带给这些孩子们,因为他们仅有小学成都的教育,“在一所普通的学校里,你可以从孩子的年龄推断他们的知识程度,可是对于这群难民儿童,你就不能如此推测。这里的十二岁儿童或许只有七岁孩子的知识程度。”

And she and her team continues to volunteer by the motivation that the children are trying, “I am grateful that the children come because they could choose to do other things, but they come because they want to learn more.”



Emily Soon 孙慧贞

“If I close my eyes and imagine what these people are going through, and if we were to forget about these people because our life is comfortable, then our heart would turn cold and hardened that we would not know what is God’s love.”



Emily Soon faithfully volunteers in Chin Children Education Centre for her fifth year since waves of volunteers were called for the pioneering effort to help in this refugee school.  

自从五年前发起了招募志工以开创这所难民学校,孙慧贞当下参与了钦族儿童教育中心 (Chin Children Education Centre) 的志工工作。


“I believe that all of us, if we are blessed, then we are blessed to be a blessing. And all of us are actually really blessed, we have families and we are not in poverty, we are in a good position.”


One of the greatest things she has received in exchange of investing her time and effort

is the correcting of mindset, “Knowing that the children who have so little can be joyful in life teaches me to be joyful in my circumstances, so no matter how hard my life is, it cannot be as hard as others.”



She pointed that all of us have needs, and the building of relationships through this community work introduces something better than life itself, “We live for more than just needs, there is more to life than just breathing.”



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