Florence was about to study abroad. Many things were arranged such as her accommodation, her farewell and even a family trip before the semester commencement. When MCO was implemented, Florence felt that her dreams were ruined and she feared an uncertain future. Meditating about the situation, she suddenly felt excited about God’s unknown plans. With that, she clings on to Proverbs 16:9 which says, “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes His steps.”


…充斥着变数的未来… 心底突然长出了一丝雀跃,为神给自己所预备的未知计划而雀跃。

Florence 当时正预备着要到海外就读。 很多事情都已安排妥当了,如住宿、道别会、还有跟家人的旅行,都安排在新学期开始前完成。当行动管制令开始实行时,Florence 觉得自己所有的梦想都破灭了,也对那充斥着变数的未来感到一丝恐惧。有一天,当她思考着现况时,心底突然长出了一丝雀跃,为神给自己所预备的未知计划而雀跃。因此,她紧紧抓住神在箴言16:9 里说的,“人心筹算自己的道路,惟耶和华指引他的脚步。”

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