When I was 12, my father was hospitalised with a critical condition. At that point in time, I had been to church for a year and I had been praying for him to be well. However, weeks later, I received news that he passed away. I really didn’t know what was next but I had support from all my friends from church and I remember a few of them being there for my father’s funeral. God has proven time and time again that even though I lost my father, He has always been there for me even at times where I don’t deserve it alongside a family of believers by my side.

After so many years I have encountered friends who go through similar things in their family where some are not loved or have lost their own family members. Despite not knowing why God took my father, weirdly enough I have always praised Him for a story that I can share to my friends and explain God’s love for me in my life.

Whatever you may be going through, you may or may not understand it now but the trial that God has put in place can always be a testimony. We don’t have to understand why it happened, but we can rest in the Lord and challenge ourselves to use the situation that we are in to glorify God.

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