Since MCO coincided with the Malaysian school holidays, the Martins family had to forgo their family vacation, but that was just a small mishap. The concern was the job transitions that were also set in motion for both parents during that period. Following the extension of the MCO, their respective employers contacted about the deferment. “What if our job offers get retracted?”, there was a sinking feeling but instead of idling on the worst scenarios, the couple continued to proclaim “Great is Thy faithfulness” and pressed on in prayers. Two weeks later, they were glad to go back to work! Both companies and colleagues welcomed them warmly albeit virtually. God had also blessed them with increments. Though the MCO toppled their original plans, God has created the perfect timing for Jason to receive his annual bonus from a previous company along with a sign-on bonus from his new one! Right now, they’re on the journey of proving themselves at work during the probation period while raising and teaching the kids at home. It was hard juggling both responsibilities but they wanted the kids to remember how home felt when this season is over. The couple instilled a new tradition – a weekly family altar and the kids look forward to it!



由于行动管制令期间也是马来西亚的学校假期,Martin 家被迫放弃旅行的计划,但这只是小事。真正的担忧乃是夫妻两人当时正处于转换工作的过渡期。 跟着行动管制令的延期,夫妻二人也各自从新雇主公司接收到延迟开工的消息。“如果我们的新工作泡汤了,那该怎么办?” 两人的心情顿时变得好沉重,与其思量着最坏的打算,夫妇继续宣告 “神的信实何其广大”,并且恳切地祈祷。 两个星期后,两人正式在各自的新公司上班了!新公司和同事们都在线上热烈欢迎他们。 神更是赐予两人加薪的福气。尽管行动管制令更改了他们原本的计划, 但是神为 Jason 创造了完美的时机,让他从旧雇主那接收一份花红,同时也从新雇主那里得到新聘酬金! 目前,夫妻二人必须在试用期里好好表现,同时也在家里花更多的心思来教育年幼的两个儿子。虽然,要完美的兼顾工作和养育孩子的两个责任并不容易,但是他们渴望孩子在管制令时期后记得家的感觉和温度。他们也给家里开始了一个新传统 — 每周一次的家庭祭坛,这是一家大小都喜欢的活动!

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