Michael and Daphne Ch’ng are Acts Church partners who are part of the Deaf Community, and they have been trying to have a baby since they got married. But after almost eight years and countless disappointments, they were ready to give up.

Michael 和 Daphne 是 Acts 教会听障社群里的伙伴,他们自结婚以来就一直很想要有一个孩子。但在近八年和无数次的失望之后,他们已经做好心理准备要放弃了。

One year into marriage, Daphne had surgery to remove cysts in her body. They continued to try for pregnancy after that, but with no results. Daphne wrote: “All these years, I had wanted to give up on being a mother, feeling like my body was unnatural or not a ‘good hormone body’. Often I feel down looking at other people’s cute babies.”

结婚一年后,Daphne 接受了切除身体囊肿的手术。之后他们尝试想要怀孕,但仍然没有结果。Daphne 写到:“这些年来,我一直想要放弃做一位母亲,感觉像是我的身体不正常或并非一个 “良好荷尔蒙的身体“。看着他人可爱的宝宝,我常常感到很沮丧。 

But it was after joining Acts Church that the couple embarked on U-Turn, the annual prayer and fast. “We prayed for my pregnancy and one night, I cried out to God as I had a bad stomach ache,” wrote Daphne. “I thought the cysts were coming back. The next day, my belly continued to ache, so I took a nap.

但是在加入了 Acts 教会之后, 这对夫妇参与了一年一次的 U-Turn 祈祷禁食。“我们为着我的怀孕祈祷,然而在其中的一晚,我为了我的腹痛向神哭诉” Daphne 写到。“我以为我的囊肿又再回来了。第二天,我的肚子仍然感到疼痛,因此我也去小睡一会儿。”

“I had a dream and saw Jesus’s hand taking a baby out from my womb. Then he brought the baby back to me and I screamed, ‘No!’ But Jesus told me, ‘Let the child come to me as he belongs to the Kingdom of God.’ In the dream, I nodded and agreed. Then I woke up and the pain was gone.

“我做了一个梦,梦见了耶稣从我的子宫里取出了一个婴孩。然后祂把那婴孩带回我的身边,我尖叫到,“不!”。但是耶稣告诉我,“让这个孩子来到我这里,因为他属于神的国。” 在梦里,我点了点头,同意了。之后我醒了过来,疼痛就消失了。

“Michael quickly took me to the hospital and the obstetrician showed us a small black image on the ultrasound. I was nervous because I didn’t know what it was. But the nurse signed ‘big belly’. I was shocked and cried!”

“Michael 赶紧地带我去医院检查,妇科医生给我们看了一张超声波上的黑色小图像。我非常紧张因为我并不知道那是什么。但是护士却向我比划出“大肚子” 的动作。我当时非常震惊并哭了起来!”

Michael agreed, writing: “Our pain has turned to joy! We didn’t do anything, but God made it possible! Finally after eight years, we’ve got a baby. I burst into tears when I heard the news.”

Michael 表示同意,他写到:“我们的痛苦已经变成了喜乐!我们什么都没做,但是神却让这一切变成可能!八年后,我们终于有了孩子。我一听到这个消息,也跟着哭了起来。”

When Matteo Ch’ng was born in 2021, he was named after the verse in Matthew 19:14 in Daphne’s dream. Matteo is Italian for Matthew, which also means “gift of God”.

当 Matteo Ch’ng 在 2021 年出生时,他就因 Daphne 梦中出现的经文马太福音 19:14 而被命名。Matteo 是意大利语中马太的意思,也是 “神的礼物”。

Wrote Michael: “We would like to encourage husbands and wives to never give up praying to God and to always seek first His kingdom.”

Michael 写到:“我们也鼓励丈夫和妻子们,永远不要放弃向神祈祷,并且总是要先寻求祂的国。”

Daphne also wrote: “I understand many women’s struggles now, but God told me to boast in my infirmities that His power may rest upon me. I pray that pregnancy will be possible for anyone who desires it. Amen!”

Daphne 也写到:“我现在明白了很多女人的挣扎,但是神告诉我,在我的软弱里,祂的大能会覆盖我。我祈祷所有想要怀孕的人都能得偿所愿。阿们!”

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