In 2019, I was posted as a government primary school teacher in Putrajaya. When the pandemic hit, everything went online and I became comfortable and laidback. The MCO or Movement Control Order instead became a Major Career Orchestration by God for me.

One day a teacher approached me to be on DidikTV KPM, a government TV program to deliver lessons to students nationwide. I wasn’t too hopeful but I applied anyway. In God’s favor, I was accepted despite my short tenure as a teacher. 

Being on TV came with many challenges on top of my full-time job and my active service at Acts Church. In one DidikTV episode, I had to recite Malay poetry while teaching environmental sustainability. It was nerve-racking but God gave me courage and clarity. 

In another episode, my partner was hospitalized right before we went live. But God taught me to trust Him despite things not being in my control. In another, I was nearly late to the TV station due to heavy rain and even got into a minor accident. But God’s peace and protection blanketed me, and I arrived safely to a smooth recording. No one would have guessed the chaos that happened before!

Furthermore, I received many opportunities to work with the Ministry of Education under different divisions. My career which I thought was in a classroom has expanded so much, and if I had chosen to stay in my comfort zone and not step out in faith, I wouldn’t be here to tell you this story. We serve a God who has great plans for us if only we choose to be humble, listen, and obey.

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