In 2008, I had the opportunity to study in Malaysia. I was on a scholarship and my family was not around, so I did as I pleased.  I got involved in illegal car racing and got into a lot of accidents.

In 2009, I was invited to Acts Church and on that Sunday, I gave my life to Jesus. It was the best decision I had ever made. Since then, my life changed.

I also started serving in Acts Nilai and I’ve seen God provided for me so that I can continue serving there despite the distance and the cost of travelling to Nilai. There have been times when I wanted to give up serving in Nilai but because I believed in the vision of the house and I have the support of my mentor, Pastor Ronson, who was there for me during my struggles, I continued serving.

In 2013, God opened the door for me to do an internship with Groupon and He further opened the door for them to hire me as a full-time staff. I was the only African guy they had hired full-time. This was a great opportunity and favour shown towards me by God and it helped me to depend on Him more.

Early last year, I felt God telling me that it was time for me to return home to Botswana. I shared this with Pastor Ronson, who asked if I was ready to go back. I told him I needed one more year here and to my surprise, God also enabled my employer to renew my contract. During my visa renewal, there were complications which required me to leave Malaysia first but my employer paid for my special pass. I knew this could only be God’s favour.

Last October, the company I worked for sold off the business. I started to pray for God’s direction and Pastor Ronson prayed with me for favour and opened doors. In November, God spoke to me in a dream. In this dream, I saw my junior packing her stuff and clearing her desk while the other 4 senior staff and I remained seated, doing our work as usual.

Pastor Ronson prayed for God to help me interpret this dream but I decided to interpret this dream according to my understanding, which was that I will be spared for this job because the new management will require people with more experience than people with less experience.

One morning, I found that my dream had come true but not the way I interpreted it. My junior was packing her stuff and clearing her table to move to the new management’s office. And I was not spared.

The end of last year was a challenging time for me. I questioned God and had wanted to give up on Him. But I remembered that Pastor Kenneth Chin had once encouraged us never to give up on God.

One night, I couldn’t sleep and decided to wake up and pray. This time, the Lord responded to me with a question: Did I promise you that you will retain your job or did you interpret your dream according to your own thoughts? Then He told me that my dream was to prepare me for what is to come: I was left at the old company to help them with the transition.

I repented and since then, I started to have peace in my heart and was set free. Now I have the peace to go back to Botswana knowing that the Lord is with me and I’m really excited despite not securing a job.

I did not get my salary in December as the money was held back by the income tax department for my tax clearance. But God has provided for me and through this, assured me that it will be well.

I might have lost my job but I have gone deeper with the Lord because of Acts Church. It’s been a great few years in Malaysia and I go back ready to serve in Acts Botswana because of the preparation the Lord has put me through while serving in Acts Nilai.


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