About six years ago, when Pastor Kenneth issued the first call for the Dream Village Building Fund, we had prayed for an amount to sow into the fund. We were not married at that time and had been saving up over a year for our first overseas trip together.

God gave Nic a specific amount to sow and separately, prompted me to sow in our travel fund. When we shared with each other what God had spoken to us, there was a confirmation for us as Nic shared the exact figure that was in our travel fund. So we obediently sowed.

God has blessed us in return. We’ve flown to 10 countries in the first 2 years of our marriage – a 10-fold blessing!

Two years into our marriage, there was a fund raising for Dream Village Community Centre (DVCC). We were excited to sow knowing that there is power in sowing as a family.

Once again, we prayed about it separately. God gave Nic an exact figure while prompting me to give 10 times greater than the first sowing. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. I thought I was crazy. But once again, Nic’s figure matched what God had told me.

It was a crucial year for us where we needed extra savings to build our home and business. But we were reminded to first build God’s house, not ours.

So with much obedience, we sowed the amount in 4 different instalments. We immediately witnessed God’s blessings upon Nic’s business and my career.

The testimony did not stop there.

God did not forget our dream home. We had been praying for a landed house at our current residential area. For the past 2 years, we would point at houses and claimed them whenever we went for our evening jog.

One evening, we saw a house for sale. We did not have our mobile phones with us and could not enquire on the price immediately. But to our greatest surprise, an agent called Nic the next day to recommend the house. After our first visit to the house, we were ready to purchase it. The seller had proposed a price but Nic had a different amount in mind. We wrote a cheque for 1% of the price we were willing to pay to book the place. The agent was not happy but she returned to inform us that she managed to push the price of the house even lower for us and commented that “God is really on your side”. The discount was 4 times the amount of our second sowing into DVCC!

We had plans to use funds from a property we recently sold to renovate our new house. But getting approval for the sale was a challenge.

We prayed hard for it, but sometime later, God spoke very clearly to me that we were not getting our breakthrough as our sowing was not complete. I was confused but after tallying the total offering we made, I realised there was indeed a shortage. So I sowed in the amount and within 2 days, we obtained the necessary approval for our funds from the sale to come in.

Our Houze120 is finally complete! Truly, when we build His house, He will build ours.

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