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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am not a Christian. Can I visit Acts?

Most definitely! You do not have to be a Christian to visit us. We love visitors and we think that you’d at least enjoy a part of the service, if not all of it!

I have not been to a church before. How do I behave in one?

In most churches, there is usually a time of singing (what we term as Praise & Worship time), a time of giving (what we term as tithes and offering time), and a time of an uplifting delivery of a talk by the Pastor (what we term as the preaching of the Word). Come singing time, you can sing along. Come giving time, you do not have to participate if you are not yet comfortable with it. Come the preaching time, all you need to do is to listen with an open heart and mind. You’ll definitely learn something out of it!

I do not know the songs sung in church. I may feel out of place.

No problem. That’s why we have a big screen with the words projected on to it so that you can follow along. Songs sung are usually catchy and touching. You’d probably find the song(s) playing in your head after the singing session is over!

What if I have an important phone call during the service; can I answer it?

We encourage everyone to put their phones on silent mode. But should an important or urgent call come through, you could quietly move out from your seat and move towards an area where your needed communication on the phone would not distract other people from focusing on the happenings during the service.

Why do people lift up their hands and close their eyes when they sing?

Interesting question! The lifting up of hands by people as they sing, is a sign of surrender or can also be a sign of reaching out to the God we worship. Singing with eyes closed is more like a preference that many find helpful in terms of focus. Many find that special connection with God when they sing from their hearts out to God!

What is all the jumping and shouting for? I am not used to it.

Jumping and shouting are actions that accompany a time of celebration. You go to a football match and see scores of people shouting, cheering and even jumping in jubilation for their team, especially after a goal is scored. The same with a church service, people celebrate the occasion of “winning” and celebrate God’s love and faithfulness by jumping and shouting. It is for a worthy cause! It is alright if you are not yet used to it. Many that have found it “loud” initially have found it a “need” to participate in these actions of praising God!

What is a Pastor, which is the Pastor and what does he do?

A Pastor is basically someone who takes care of and serves the church partners or members, leads and gives direction to the church as a team, and prepares for and delivers sermons during the services. The Senior Minister/Pastor of Acts Church is Reverend Kenneth Chin. He does all of the above and more! Get to know him! He’s cool!

I already have a religion. Why do I get invited to church still?

When you receive an invitation to attend a church service or a special event in church, it simply just means that the person that invited you cares to see you blessed in ways you have not yet seen or imagined. We respect your religion. At the same time we believe that there is more to life than our daily routine of eating, sleeping and playing. You’ve got to come to find out why we say this!

I have heard that many churches collect money from attendees. Is that true?

It is true that there is a time for our church partners/members to give a freewill offering during the service. This can be seen as a “collection” but it is something that Christians practice because we believe in it. It is not done out of force or coercion but out of gratitude and faith. You do not need to participate in it if you are not comfortable with it. For your information, this collection is managed with the greatest care and it is meant to cover the running expenses of Acts and to bless community projects that we undertake as a church.

How different is this church from the rest?/Why should I visit your church?

We are glad that you have been open enough to visit the different churches on different occasions. We still welcome you to Acts if you have not already found a church to call home. Why should you visit Acts? Because we believe that you’d enjoy it! Most people that have come, have expressed their great impressions of Acts. You could be the next one to be, not just impressed, but touched in your heart of hearts!

I heard that Acts is mainly a youth church. I am a little older in age.

Acts is not a youth church; but it is a church that has attracted many youths. We also have families – moms, dads and children attending our Sunday Celebration services too.

I feel lost when I enter Acts. It is growing in numbers!

You do not have to feel “lost” when you join HOMES. Click here to see how you can join one. HOMES provides that needed place and space for open sharing and prayer. It is a place where relationships can grow over time. You will also be fed in your soul with proper guidance and solid teaching from your HOMES Leader.

What do Christians believe in? I am not sure if I can accept it.

The Bible tells us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. Sin separated us from God and all that He intended for us. On our own, we cannot be reconciled to God and nothing that we do can wash us of our sins. The Good News is that getting right with God is not based on the word ‘do’ but ‘done’. Jesus Christ has done all that needs to be done for us to be forgiven and accepted by God. All we need to do is to believe and receive what has been done for us through Jesus Christ. If you believe in this message or would like to find out more, come visit us and speak to our church leaders.