There was a lot of discomfort in taking an online examination for the first time. Adding on to the stress, Darylene also faced technical errors that had cost her the time to submit her A-Levels paper by the deadline. Though the paper was at risk of being rejected entirely, she prayed for God’s mercy. Thankfully, an opportunity to appeal for re-submission occurred. She is grateful to His Spirit for granting her assurance and peace in the time of waiting.

尽管考卷有可能会完全被否决, 但她仍然仰望神的怜悯。

第一次在网上考试总会让人感到不安。此外,Darylene 更面对了一些技术上的问题,这让她错过了在网上呈交自己 A-Levels 电子考卷的截止时间。尽管考卷有可能会完全被否决, 但她仍然仰望神的怜悯。 感恩的是,让她上诉重新呈交的机会出现了。她非常感谢圣灵在自己等候的时间里,赐予一份安稳和平安。

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