Having to navigate freshman year during the MCO, Kar Mun had to learn to make new friends without physical interactions. Being a reserved person, the thought of having to work with strangers for assignments is also scary. However, she wanted to overcome this. So she took courage to initiate invitation for assignment partners, even growing the friendship with exchanging of numbers and social media profiles. Currently halfway through her first online semester, she is happy to have learned to accept people without any judgement.



作为一位身处于行动管制令期间的大学新生,Kar Mun 必须学习在没有面对面的情况下结交新朋友。由于她是一位性格害羞内敛的人,她一想到要跟陌生人一起完成作业,心里就慌了。然而,她决意战胜这一点。因此,她鼓起勇气并主动邀请人跟自己合作作业,也踏出舒适圈去透过社交平台交换联络信息,逐渐建立新友谊。目前,她上网课的日子也已经过了第一学期的前半部,她非常感恩自己学到了如何敞开心扉去接纳他人。

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