As a catering business owner, Joshua felt down at the beginning of MCO – to a point where fear had paralysed him. He could not focus on work as he was worried about keeping his company of 40 staff afloat. With encouragement and prayer from his pastor, he strengthened himself in the Lord and fed on God’s daily manna. Since then, God has been giving him new and creative ideas for the business!



身为一位承办宴席生意的老板,Joshua 一度在行动管制令初期感到万分低落 — 恐惧似乎让他整个人都冻结和瘫痪了。他没办法专心工作,因为心里焦虑着如何养活公司里的四十口员工。经过牧师的鼓励,他开始学着在主里让自己坚强,天天依靠神每日的吗哪。 从那一天起,神持续赐予他全新并具有创意的生意点子!

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